DC Comics’ Most Stunning, Movie-Accurate, 1/6 Scale Action Figures In Existence

Comic book art and Funko Pop figures aside, sometimes you want to remember an iconic character by the faithful representation they had on film. In this list, DC characters get their due, and a pretty dignified due it is, too. These figures are museum-quality replicas of characters as portrayed in film and TV. They’re for the dedicated media buff!

Hot Toys Man of Steel: Superman Movie Masterpiece Sixth Scale Figure

Director Zack Snyder was greeted with skepticism when he took over the reins of DC’s movie wing, but he has since proved himself out with the rebooted DC Extended Universe. This figure brings you Henry Cavill, in his opening turn as the one and only Superman. The rebooted film went on to become the highest-grossing solo Superman film ever.

Hot Toys DC Comics Batman 1966 Sixth Scale Figure

Yes, the classic Adam West himself! This is the Baby Boomer’s Batman, from the time when comic franchises knew they could be goofy and campy but still keep fans. Fun fact, the 1966-68 original TV series counted as its chief competitor franchise none other than Lost In Space. Shhhh, don’t tell the Millennials, but the good stuff started here!

Hot Toys Batman Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Collectible Vehicle Batmobile [1989 Ver.]

Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman may not be well-remembered now, but at the time it blew the franchise wide open. This sleek, sexy design was the first time the iconic Batmobile had been depicted in live-action film in over three decades. And it shows!

Movie Masterpiece DX : The Dark Knight Joker version 2.0 [1/6 Scale]

What can you say about the late Heath Ledger‘s Joker that hasn’t been said already? This is the Millennials’ Joker; crazy as a canned rat, making it up as he goes along, a force for chaos visited upon an orderly world. He’s the reason we’re still talking about The Dark Knight today.

Hot Toys Superman Man of Steel Movie Masterpiece General Zod Collectible Figure

Michael Shannon brought General Zod to life in Man of Steel (2013). A Kryptonian foil to Clark Kent, Zod comes from the same place and knows Superman in ways others don’t. Director Zack Snyder confided that when they set out to reboot the Superman franchise, they picked the story they wanted to tell about Superman first and fit the villain into the story last.

Hot Toys Batman 1989 Movie Masterpiece Deluxe Collectors 1/6 Scale DX08 Action Figure The Joker Jack Nicholson

Top Secret: This is the Generation X Joker. Unlike the other generations, Gen X got the good one. Heath Ledger was outstanding, but his character was not the Joker. Jack Nicholson in Batman (1989) knew that the Joker was fun, funny, menacing, and insane, in that order. Plus this film had the Prince soundtrack.

Hot Toys DC Comics Batman 1966 Robin Sixth Scale Figure

Poor Burt Ward, nobody remembers him. Nobody appreciates that for the 1966-68 TV series, his character of Robin was such a generic sidekick that he didn’t have much to work with. The whole “Holy whatever, Batman!” routine, that was all him. Burt Ward took the most difficult job in the franchise and made it look easy.

Hot Toys DC Comics Suicide Squad Deadshot 1/6 Scale 12″ Figure

Um, who? Oh yes, Deadshot, a very old-school Golden Age character from the earliest Batman comics in the 1950s. And there he lay in wait, until suddenly being sprung to film in Suicide Squad (2016), played by Will Smith. Give the guy some time, he’s had one whole movie to work with.

Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises Batman Bruce Wayne DX version 1/6 figure

So the conventional axiom in Hollywood goes, when casting Batman, you shouldn’t cast Batman. You should cast Bruce Wayne, then let him step into Batman. Christian Bale brought controversy on the role of Batman, but everybody had to admit that he was Bruce Wayne and made the altar-ego a character in his own right.

Hot Toys Selina Kyle / Catwoman Sixth Scale Figure (TDKR)

Has there ever been a more difficult character to get right than Catwoman? Just when Anne Hathaway came along to give the character a soul, along came Bane and stole the show. Hathaway did away with the outdated Dominitrix schtick of catwoman past to become The Cat, an every-woman fighting for equality and the heroine of her own story.

Hot Toys Movie Masterpiece 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure Superman Christopher Reeves

For many generations of fans and perhaps for all time, Christopher Reeve is the One True Superman. He brought depth to the character, a quiet confidence with even a smirk of humor now and then, starting from the box office blockbuster, 1978’s Superman. The movie broke ground for the superhero franchise movies we know today.



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