Stylish Genuine Leather Jackets for Superhero Fanatics

Let’s face it – superhero movies have gotten so, so much cooler over the last few years. This past Halloween, we are willing to bet you were probably feeling pretty jealous when you saw kids coming to your door sporting Black Panther and Wonder Woman outfits. We are definitely all wishing we could rock those looks too, but, as we are all aware, it is certainly much less cute when you see an adult walking down the street in a superhero costume. It is also noticeably harder to find superhero costumes in adult sizes (not that we have tried looking, or anything).

But there is another option for adults who are chasing their childhood dreams of saving the world and defeating super villains. And this option allows you to not look like an overgrown kid, or an adult who just can’t move on from their childhood fantasies. It actually makes you look – dare we say it – pretty freaking cool. You guessed it, we are talking about leather superhero jackets.

Leather superhero jackets still allow you to rock your favorite hero’s distinctive look and symbol, but in a medium that you can wear pretty much everywhere and not look awkward. Leather jackets are iconic, and leather superhero jackets definitely take it to the next level. Whether you are a DC or a Marvel fan (and we certainly will not be getting into that rivalry here), you will be able to find an awesome superhero jacket that allows you to pay homage to your favorite superhero and look pretty dope in the process. They also happen to be super comfortable and a great addition to almost any outfit. There is just something about putting on a leather jacket that makes your feel instantly cool – and that cool factor goes off the charts when you are rocking a superhero leather jacket.

Here are some of the coolest leather superhero jackets you will be able to find:


Deadpool 2 Jacket – Ryan Reynolds Distressed Leather Dead Pool Costume Jacket | Red/Black

If you dream of being just as badass as Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2, this jacket is a great first step. We can’t guarantee it will make actually make you as good looking as Mr. Reynolds, but it will definitely make you feel like you are!

Captain America Costume Jacket – Superhero Distress Movie Jacket

Who isn’t able to identify with Captain America? We would probably all like to take that serum and become the best version of ourselves. You can at least look like the best version of yourself with this stylish jacket, and that is the first step.

Arrow Hoodie Leather Costume Jackets – Available in 4 Designs

If you have ever wanted to look as cool as Arsenal, this leather jacket is the one for you. It is easily one of the coolest ones on this list, with special arm cutouts for maximum mobility.

Reverse Flash Superhero Halloween Costumes For Adults

Forget superheroes – what could possibly be cooler than a super villain? If you find yourself identifying more with the evil machinations of superheroes’ most dastardly enemies, you will love this jacket modeled off the Reverse Flash.


Black Flash Superhero Halloween Costumes For Adults 2018

If you could have any superpower in the world, what would you choose? If your superpower of choice is super speed, you will want this leather jacket to make you look like the Black Flash.

Batman Leather Jacket

Batman is a superhero that blends into everyday society, and this Batman jacket can blend into an everyday outfit – unless you look closely. If you want a leather superhero jacket that is a bit more subtle, but still packs a superhero punch, this jacket is the choice for you.

Decrum Infinity Spiderman Jacket – Iron Spider Superhero Costume for Men

Is your Spidey-sense tingling? We guarantee you will feel like you can take on all the Doctor Octopuses you may ever encounter when rocking this Spiderman themed superhero leather jacket.

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