The Best Selling Funko Pops that Everyone Should Own

Funko Pop figures, the conventional wisdom goes, are the Millennials’ “Beanie Babies.” These squat little dolls have infiltrated every corner of pop culture. Everything from games to manga to movies to comic books has its own line of Funkos now. To complete your inevitable participation in the march of Funkos, here’s some obscure but nevertheless well-liked Funko Pop figures you might not have heard of.

Funko Pop Marvel Venom Hulk Collectible Figure, Multicolor

As if the Incredible Hulk wasn’t intimidating already, here he is as a Venom host. This is from the time Doc Ock meddled with the primal forces of the symbiotic life form in Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. It’s a smash alright.


Funko Pop Marvel Venom Iron Man Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Wait, shouldn’t Tony Stark’s armor protect him from the Venom suit? I mean, Tony does think of just about everything. You’d think he’d pack some kind of anti-Venom mechanism. No matter, all we need to know is this figure sweats cool from every pore and is a definitive comic geek must-have.


Funko Pop Television: Parks and Recreation – Ron Swanson Figure

Yeah, remember when Ron Swanson showed up in that one Avengers sequel and went out to breakfast with Spider-Man where he ordered “all the bacon and eggs that you have”? Maybe not, because we’re pulling your leg. Ron Swanson is of course the manly man’s man from the hit dark humor TV series. Keep him in your office so your coworkers know what kind of tough biscuit they’re dealing with.


Funko Pop Marvel: Avengers Infinity War-Eitri 6″ Amazon Exclusive Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Eitri is a fringe supporting character who’s popped up in a couple corners of the Marvel universe, in Ultimate Spider-Man and the New Mutants Special. But we care about his part in Avengers: Infinity War where he was played by none other than Game of Throne‘s Peter Dinklage. Eitri himself is a figure from Norse mythology, friendly cousin to Thor. You ask how we know? That’s what we do here: We drink and we know things.

Funko Pop Animation: My Hero Academia-Todoroki Collectible Figure, Multicolor

My Hero Academia is the manga that asks the question: “Just where do these superheroes learn all these cool stunts?” They can’t all freelance as a photographer while they learn on the job; that’s how you lose your Uncle Ben. Shoto Todoroki is the hero in training with the quirk of fire and ice at the same time. The littlest student with the hottest-and-coolest power.

Funko Pop Marvel Venom Eddie Brock Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Oh yes, we almost forgot, Venom was once Eddie Brock. He’s been tossed onto so many of the other Avengers it’s easy to lose track of the original and truest fit for the symbiotic costume. Brock here has never looked more cuddly and more menacing at the same time. Just look at that tongue!

Funko Pop Marvel: Deadpool-Chicken Suit Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Trick or Treat, it’s Deadpool here, the regenerating degenerate, the Crimson Comedian, and of course the Merc with the Most Mouth! I’ll bet yah didn’t recognize my awesomeness disguised in this chicken costume? Yes, as hard as it is to believe, sometimes even I can take a break from living everyone’s dream as the Deadpool and slip on a costume for a bit of role-play. If you think this is something, you should see me as a mermaid or a cheerleader! It’s just mind-blowing how I can stay this much of a robust sex magnet even when wearing a cutsie get-up.

Wait wait, you’re scrolling! You mean you’re ready to move on to the next figure already? You could buy multiples of this one, you know. Funko made plenty of me, you could fill your whole house. OK fine, I’ll go chill out with the chimichanga platter at my favorite Mexican restaurant while you think about where you’ve gone in life.

Funko Pop Marvel Venom Captain America Collectible Figure, Multicolor

How disturbing is it to see the Cap himself taken over by the Venom symbiote? It makes an inevitable political statement, doesn’t it? Almost like they were trying to insinuate something. By the way, this figure is officially not intended to be a metaphor for the current presidential administration, and we hardly know how you could think such a thing.

Funko Pop Marvel: Avengers Infinity War-Thanos Collectible Figure, Multicolor

We know he’s popular and a Funko Pop Thanos was destined to be, but now that we see it here in all its glory: Is Thanos really cut out to be a Funko? He loses some of his intimidating presence, doesn’t he? Anyway, it’s Thanos, so we can’t complain. They could print Thanos on toilet paper and people would buy it.

Funko Pop Animation: My Hero Academia-Tsuyu Collectible Figure, Multicolor

Jump back to this Shonen Jump special with another My Hero Academia figure, this time Tsuyu Asui, the sharpest student at U. A. High School with the frog quirk. We never thought a little girl with frog characteristics could turn out cute, but they pulled it off somehow.

Funko Pop Marvel: Avengers Infinity War-Iron Spider Collectible Figure, Multicolor

It could be possible that somebody out there does not yet own a single, solitary Spider-Man Funko in any configuration. That is a very unsettling person and our advice is to stay away. But here’s Spider-Man in the Avengers: Infinity War getup to complete your life.


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