The Cards Against Humanity Expansion Cards You Need Right Now

Do you remember a world before Cards Against Humanity? Such a world must have been a darker, far less entertaining place. Cards Against Humanity revolutionized adult gatherings forever with its hilarious and at times disturbing brand of humor. Apples to Apples thought they had it figured out when they invented the concept of a card game that pitted people against each other to come up with the funniest phrase – but Cards Against Humanity took it to the next level by making those phrases dirty, raunchy, gross, or just plain messed up! If you have ever really wanted to get to know your friends (or even your family members) and the dark places their minds can go, there is no better way to figure someone out than to play them in Cards Against Humanity. Talk about a game that’s better with a beer in hand.

The thing about Cards Against Humanity is that if you play it as much as you want to (which we are guessing is basically all the time) – the cards can get a little stale after a while. It is no fun to keep playing if the phrase “a Ferris wheel full of corpses” or “a big black dick” doesn’t conjure up the same reaction for you because you have seen it so many times. That is where the expansion packs come in. Expansion packs are fresh new cards that the Cards Against Humanity people have crafted to keep the game just as spicy as it was when it first came out. Some of them even have themes, if you want a specific Cards Against Humanity experience. Or, if you are looking for cards that will produce the classic, raunchy Cards Against Humanity vibe you have come to know and love, there are plenty of expansion packs that continue to espouse the great CAH themes: sex, drugs, and maybe a bit of racial bias.

Check all the Cards Against Humanity expansion packs you could ever want:

Cards Against Humanity: The World Hates Trump

Regardless of your political affiliation, you have got to admit: the current United States President has some quotes that are just Cards Against Humanity gold. Quote some tweets, reference some rallies, and get ready to have a tremendous time with this expansion pack.

SCS Direct The World Hates Trump Card Game Base Set - Party Card Game with 200 Blue Cards, 50 Red Cards

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  • 250 NEW CARDS (200 Answer Cards, 50 Question Cards)
  • Works with The World Hates Trump: Expansion One, Cards Against Humanity, and similar party Games
  • You don't need any other game to play this, but you can play with any set.
  • Professionally printed on premium card stock, Includes TWO Ultimate Trump Cards
  • * not endorsed in any way by Trump himself

Cards Against Humanity: Green Box

The Green Box is a set of entirely new expansion cards (some of the other packs on this list have been realized in earlier expansion pack versions). 300 totally new cards to get the game started!

Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

The most special aspect of the Fifth Expansion is that not only does it come with 100 completely new cards, it also comes with twelve bonus blank cards so you can craft your own dirty phrases. How filthy is your own mind?

Cards Against Humanity: Red Box

The Red Box combines the first, second, and third expansion packs all into one convenient box of 300 cards to shake up your Cards Against Humanity game. Great for a first time expansion pack purchaser.

Cards Against Humanity: Blue Box

Similar to the Red Box, the Blue Box combines the fourth, fifth, and sixth Cards Against Humanity expansions. Grab the Red, Blue, and Green boxes all together for a grand total of 900 new cards, and you will never ever be bored of your old Cards Against Humanity set again!

Cards Against Humanity: 90s Nostalgia Pack

If you are convinced the best years of humanity were the same years dominated by the Backstreet Boys and frosted tips, this expansion pack is for you. It features 23 white cards and 7 black cards that are all desperately nostalgic for the simpler times of the 1990’s.

Cards Against Humanity: The Bigger, Blacker Box

Let’s say you are really, really serious about your Cards Against Humanity. No respectable CAH master would ever be seen without this box, which can store up to 2500 cards and comes with 50 blank cards for your own perverse ideas. The box even comes with a fun surprise included – and we can only imagine what the Cards Against Humanity people define as a “fun surprise.”


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