The Most Legit Replica Superhero Weapons For Your Collection

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Last update was on: June 1, 2020 12:35 am

Are you a nerd? Well, you don’t need to be! Superhero movies are all the rage today, and surely, you would want to experience stepping into the shoes of your favorite superheroes. While wearing armored suits or turning into a green giant might be beyond the power of us mere mortals, you can always build a replicate superhero weapon collection. There is no dearth of options for you to choose from. From Thor to Loki, you can purchase replicas of weapons your favorite characters wield. Here’s our list of the most legit replica superhero weapons for your collection:


Gmasking 2018 Resin Norse Mythology Stormbreaker Axe Cosplay Hammer 1:1 Replica

Unleash the inner Norse God within you with this Storm Axe Cosplay Hammer Replica. Grabbing the handle will make you feel like Thor. This axe makes for the perfect addition to your collection of Marvel replicas. You can even incorporate it in your attire if you plan to dress up as Thor! Designed to scale, the replica mimics the appearance of the hammer you see in the movies. Perfect for fanboys, show your love for Thor and all things Asgardian. Just make sure your brother doesn’t try and steal it from you (it’s that realistic)!


Gmasking 2018 Metal Wakanda Captain Adult Shield 1:1 Replica Cosplay Props

A Captain America shield that closes and opens just like                the one Mr. Rogers wields in Wakanda makes for the perfect addition to your collection. Exquisitely designed, you can wear the shield on your arm without any risk of losing balance. Indulge in cosplay or simply wear it around when you dress up as Cap in Wakanda. You also get full-size props in the package, further adding to your experience. The aluminum construction ensures durability and sturdiness. The gorgeous detailing will make you want to start fighting off the warring tribes.

Gmasking 2018 Metal Cosplay Light-up Scepter 1:1 Exclusive Props for Loki Laufeyson (Display Base)

Is Loki your favorite character from the Avengers universe? This light-up scepter is the ideal way to display your love for Thor’s slightly villainous brother, who doesn’t waste any opportunity to show Thor who’s boss. The standout feature of this scepter is the light-up mind gem, which will transport you to Asgard. This replica is perfect for decoration or as a present. Or, you can use it for your Halloween costume, if you plan to dress up as Loki. The package includes a stand display, allowing you to show off the latest addition to your replica collection.

Gmasking 2018 Metal Mjolnir Thor Adult Cosplay Hammer 1:1 Exclusive Props

Ever experienced what it is like to be a God? Well, this cosplay hammer replicates the experience for you, allowing you to wield the hammer that is exclusively created for Norse Gods. This life-size hammer will prove a worthy addition to your collection, standing out from other replicas due to its premium detailing and finishing. You also get a stand display base with the hammer along with a leather strap, enabling you to display it in its full glory and splendor.

Gmasking 2018 Metal Super Villains Cosplay Gloves Wearable Infinity Gauntlet 1:1 Replica Props

A snap of the fingers can kill half the world’s population when you wear the infinity gauntlet! Unleash the power Thanos strove for with so much gusto and heartbreak with this replica infinity gauntlet, with a light-up precious stone. The glove allows you to move the joints and fingers with ease, and you can even snap your fingers. Possibly the most in-demand superhero weapon at this time, take your collection to the next level by adding the gauntlet.

Gmasking Electronic MK42 Wearable Arc FX Wrist Armor Gauntlet 1:1 Props Replica

Get into the armor of arguably the most popular superhero out there. Iron Man’s suit is perhaps the strongest superhero weapon. The wrist armor gauntlet emits blasting sounds when you deploy the LED light on the inside of your palm. Use the movable joints along with full-size props to become Iron Man incarnate. You can also upgrade the gauntlet for cosplay!

Add these superhero weapon replicas to your collection and show your love for some of the most beloved Marvel characters. The best part is you can use all of these for cosplay!

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