Top DC Comics LEGO Sets for the biggest fans

We’re back with more Lego sets – see also our coverage of Star Wars sets, Marvel universe sets, and architectural sets, to name a few. This time we’re looking at the D.C. comics universe. D.C., while certainly not as diverse as the Marvel folks these days, have their own tight clique of iconic characters. Thrill along with us in geeky abandon as we visit these awesome Lego kits with a D.C. theme!


LEGO Super Heroes Batman: Gotham City Cycle Chase 76053

While not an official Suicide Squad set, this set is an unofficial partial tribute featuring two Squad characters: Deadshot and the always perky Harley Quinn. The Man Who Never Misses faces off with the Vixen of Vaudeville! This 224 piece set features the figures Deadshot in his first Lego outing, Harley Quinn looking as mischievous as ever, and of course a Batman to add to the pile you have already. And of course the cycles, which are very well-designed and won the set rave reviews.

LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Mr. Freeze Ice Attack 70901 Building Kit (201 Piece)

Everybody put on your Arnie accent and say “Ice to meet you!” Mr. Freeze was irreparably hammed by the one and only Governator in Schumacher’s campy 1997 Batman & Robin, but the character got a second lease on life with the surprise 2017 hit The Lego Batman Movie. This 201 piece set brings us a full array of figures, including another Batman, numerous underlings and henchmen, and of course Mr. Freeze himself in an impressive suit which borrows from a couple other movie appearances. Mr. freeze also has a mecha suit with a lot of detail, very well thought out.

Lego 6857 Exclusive set The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape (6857)

This rare set was a chase exclusive, being sold initially only at Toys ‘r’ Us (now defunct), official Lego stores, and a few other niche outlets. This is also more of a playset than a Lego model in itself, at 380 pieces. But what a mind-blowing collector’s set! It comes with a stand-alone comic book, five figures (Batman, Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, and Riddler), and a fully interactive funhouse with a minecart ride, props, Harley’s giant hammer, Batman’s bike, trap door, a crane, and tons more. It’s so fun, the figures from your other Lego sets might want to hang out here too!

LEGO Superheroes Gorilla Grodd Goes Bananas

This 346 piece set brings us Grodd, one of the D.C. universe’s most obscure, but original, villains. The figures include a larger-than-life Grodd, the Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman, plus Captain Cold and an innocent bystander banana merchant. Then there’s the vehicles: a banana truck, Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, and a huge mecha suit for Batman. Plus extended props and play features. This set brings together many odds and ends and is a solid nod to Flash fans for once.

THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE The Joker Notorious Lowrider 70906 Batman Toy

Isn’t it about time everybody acknowledged that the Joker is the original gangsta of the D.C. universe? Here he gets old-school in the hood with his own pimped-out lowrider, just right for those smooth rides alone with Harley Quinn… If he saw it that way. This 433 piece set builds out to an impressive model of Joker’s car, plus it comes with BatGIRL for a change. Plus numerous props like the Joker’s stock gag gun and Harley’s baseball bat, all from the Lego Batman Movie. Check out the zebra-printed upholstery and Harley’s Smilex T-shirt! Lots of detail in the figure’s printing makes this a great accessory set.

LEGO Superheroes Green Lantern vs. Sinestro

Yeah, remember him? So far ol’ Greenie has gotten one live action film which everybody seems to want to forget, a brief flash of a Hal Jordan scene in the odd movie, and the promise of the upcoming reboot. But meanwhile in Lego land, this is the first issue of a Green Lantern figure, taking his own center stage paired with his iconic nemesis Sinestro, and with a novelty Batman thrown in because this is D.C. we’re talking about. A great vehicle and a play-worthy Sinestro cage prop round out a loving tribute to one of D.C.’s most overlooked heroes.


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