Fingerlings: The hottest toy that fits on your finger

Finger toys have always been a favorite of kids. From ring pops to finger puppets, finger toys have been catching kids imaginations almost as long as there have been toys in existence. Now combining finger toys and a cute animal is where the Canadian company WowWee came up with their ingenious idea for a new toy.


Originally created by an in 2017, fingerlings are a five-inch monkey that grips your finger with its legs and arms. But this is no ordinary finger toy. Fingerlings babble, blows kisses and blinks its eyes. Cradle a Fingerling in your hand and it drifts off to sleep. Press the Fingerling’s head and it passes gas. Not only did this toy fly off the shelves at soon as it was released, the company also went viral. Now, almost a year later, kids are still begging their parents for this finger gripping monkey.


WowWee Untamed T-Rex by Fingerlings Ironjaw (Blue) –

The Untamed T-Rex is a ferocious beast, out on the prowl. Completely unpredictable, you can make an attempt to tame the monster by selecting the Tamed mode. If you are in the mood for adventure and excitement, you can choose the untamed mode. You will unleash the T-Rex, and it will respond by hissing, chomping, and of course, roaring. You can use the new Untamed Battle Arena app, taking your experience playing with the T-Rex to the next level. Engage in intense battles and move through the stages to get to the next levels.

You can trigger a reaction from your T-Rex with your actions. For example, you can tap the beast’s head or nose. Or, you can pet the T-Rex. The creature will roar and growl, or sometimes let out a warning call. And if you like surprises, press the two sensors simultaneously, holding the pressure for a few seconds.



WowWee Fingerlings Baby Unicorn – Gigi (White with Rainbow Mane and Tail)

Play with a Baby Unicorn, Gigi, on your finger. To start, this toy is incredibly adorable. The unicorn is white, and features a tail and mane, both featuring all the colors of the rainbow. You can rest assured the creature will cling dearly to your finger, inducing feelings of care and compassion. Don’t forget that Gigi will react to any action or sound you expose it to, including monkey noises. You can get Gigi to emit some unique unicorn sounds, when you touch or move it. You should definitely try to pet Gigi and also rock her to sleep. In fact, if you blow Gigi a kiss, she will respond in kind.

WowWee Fingerlings Playset – Monkey Bar Playground + Liv the Baby Monkey (Blue with Pink Hair)

 Give Liv the Baby Monkey the perfect environment to play in with the Monkey Bar Playground. The play set comes with a monkey bar and a swing, giving Liv plenty of opportunities to have fun. You can place Liv on the monkey bar or on the swing, even rocking her back and forth. In fact, you can introduce any members of the Fingerlings Baby Monkeys family to the playground and increase the fun quotient. And once Liv wraps up playtime, you can spend time interacting with her. Move her, touch her, or expose her to different sounds, and she will respond by blinking her eyes or turning her head.

WowWee Fingerlings Baby Sloth – Kingsley (Brown)

Kingsley, the naughty baby sloth from the Fingerlings collection, loves to clutch your fingers. Any true Fingerlings fan will know that Kingsley is silly and slow, but incredibly cute, in its vibrant brown color. Simply put the sloth on your finger and play with it, exposing it to different motions and sounds. Moreover, you can touch Kingsley to elicit a reaction. The sloth will respond by blinking his eyes and also with head turns. Don’t be surprised when the cute little sloth wins your heart and becomes your companion during playtime.

These are some of the best Fingerlings available on the market today. You can order them from Amazon and receive on your doorstep, offering the utmost convenience. Surely, you cannot get better than toys that fit on your fingertips and yet unlock the door to a whole lot of fun. Forgo the conventional option and instead, opt for the hottest toy today, which kids love and is also suitable for adults who want to add some cuteness to their life.



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