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Newest Board Game Releases for 2019

We all know that board games aren’t just for kids anymore. Adults still long for the days of unfolding the game board and deciding who gets to be the top hat and who ends up being the shoe. Game nights with friends and families are more popular than ever, and even bars and coffee shops invite people to bring their games in and play a while. While the classics remain the same — except for a few Monopoly tokens changing — there’s an ever-evolving class of new games that feature strategy, cooperative play, and role-playing.

This year, whatever your favorite type of play is, exciting new adventures are coming your way. Travel from Treasure Island to a forest dell and from Westeros to the magical Victorian Age. Be the hero or be the villain, the choice is yours.

Some of these board games are available now so grab one for your next game night. Others can be pre-ordered before they release later this year. Gather around the table with your friends and your favorite snacks and prepare for your next campaign!

Everdell Game

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • Everdell is a streamlined worker placement game that features a detailed world realized through stunning artwork. Utilizing a tableau-building mechanic, players will work to build a city of critters and constructions.
  • Simple to learn gameplay with satisfying depth
  • Dynamic tableau building and worker placement
  • Eye-catching table presence: round board and three-dimensional tree
  • 2nd Edition offers the upgraded twig resource tokens and a few minor updates to the rule book

Forest critters inhabit the charming tree-filled world of Everdell and as their leader you must prepare for the next season by settling new territories, building and populating new cities, gathering resources, and planning worker placement. Play follows the seasons of a year, from winter to winter. Stunning detailed artwork on a round playing board with a 3D tree enhance this tableau-building game. It’s easy to learn and can be played with just one player or up to four. With 128 cards, the game is unique each time you play.

Monopoly Game of Thrones Board Game

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • BASED ON THE HIT TV SERIES FROM HBO: Game of Thrones fans can travel the legendary lands of Westeros as you buy, sell, and trade locations from the Seven Kingdoms in this edition of the Monopoly game
  • GREAT HOUSES GAME TOKENS: The 6 Monopoly game tokens are inspired by the honorary sigils of the Great Houses; who will you pledge your loyalty to?
  • GAME OF THRONES THEMED MONEY AND GRAPHICS: Includes 42 Gold Dragons and 53 Silver Stags cardboard coins, and the gameboard and box feature graphics inspired by the HBO TV show Game of Thrones
  • HOLDFASTS AND CASTLES: This version of the Monopoly game includes 32 holdfasts and 12 castles in place of houses and hotels, and the properties are locations from the TV show
  • GAME OF THRONES THEME SONG: Features Iron Throne card holder with a musical stand that plays the Game of Thrones theme song; press the button on the stand to play it

Travel through Westeros as you buy and sell properties throughout the Seven Kingdoms. In this edition of Monopoly inspired by the HBO hit series, game play tokens take the form of the sigils of the Great Houses and holdfasts and castles have replaced houses and hotels. Gold Dragon and Silver Stag coins have been added to the bank. An Iron Throne card holder even plays the theme song to really get you into the mood to battle it out. From the Iron Bank of Braavos to the Wall in the North, you can rule the world.

Treasure Island

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • Every man for himself and everyone against Long John!
  • Use pirate’s tools, compass and caliper, to explore the island.
  • A thrilling narrative served by a 100% original game play.
  • Players draw on the treasure map to discover its hiding spot!

Argh! There’s been a mutiny on Long John Silver’s ship and every crew member is certain he or she will be the first to find the buried treasure. Pirates must work together to defeat Silver but eventually turn on each other, because only one pirate can claim the fortune. With a map and a dry erase marker players track movements calculated by a compass and ruler. In this game of bluffing and strategy, it’s all for one and one for all, until it’s time to turn against Long John Silver.

Wildlands: The Adventuring Party

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • "Officially Licensed"

This new Wildlands set brings together four classic adventurers – the thief, the wizard, the cleric, and the barbarian. The cleric brings a new power to Wildlands as well, the power to heal. These adventurers are tough and will steal and murder to get what they want. Be warned that any left-out adventurer will find a way to invade the game and cause trouble. These four figures and deck of 35 cards can be played as a faction or used for encounters.

Pandemic: Fall of Rome

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • STRATEGY GAME: Travel back in history to the time of the world’s greatest empire: Rome. You must recruit armies, fortify cities, forge alliances, and face off against the invading hordes in battle in order to stop the fall of Rome!
  • COOPERATIVE BOARD GAME: Improve your team’s chances to defend against the invaders by working together and using your unique skills wisely. Only through teamwork will you have a chance to stop the invading horde. A truly cooperative game where you win or lose together.
  • THE GREATEST EMPIRE IN HISTORY: At the height of its power, the Roman Empire held more than two million square miles of territory, but the borders have been left open to invasion. Members of these invading tribes migrate through the cities and countryside of the Empire. If left unchecked, these warriors will sack cities, proceeding along the path to Rome itself.
  • UNITE AND PROTECT THE EMPIRE: With invasion imminent, you and your teammates must work together to use your special skills, gather the soldiers of the Roman legion, and roll the dice to battle the invading hordes.
  • MULTIPLE PLAY MODES: This easy to learn family and adult game can be played with 1 to 5 players. Play as the Roman Emperor in the unique solo play mode, or have your seasoned group tackle the Roman Caput Mundi Challenge.

Rome is under attack and it’s up to you to muster armies and defend the empire from encroaching Barbarians. Recruit soldiers for battle and forge alliances with other players for protection. You can even try to broker a truce with the Barbarians. Do whatever it takes to keep Rome from crumbling. Play with a group or take on the solitaire challenge to fight the Barbarians on your own in this latest edition of the popular Pandemic series.

New Frontiers

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • For 2-5 players. 45-90 minute playing time. Ages 14+
  • New frontiers is an exciting addition to the award-winning family of race for the galaxy games!
  • Each Game can have different goals, so no two games will be alike

New Frontiers is the latest Race for the Galaxy standalone game, featuring new goals and requirements. Players compete to acquire worlds and colonize them. Developments are determined during setup, so players may begin working on their strategy before the game even begins. Some worlds have special powers while others provide resources that can be converted to credits or victory points. Each game has different goals so play is unique every time. Don’t settle for taking over the world, take over the galaxy!

Victorian Masterminds

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as of January 19, 2022 6:10 am


  • All around the world, from Moscow to Washington, from Paris to Rome, Supervillains have run amok. Iconic monuments are being stolen right out of the cities, and high-profile scientists and politicians are going missing. Even the famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, is gone without a trace. The world's treasures are vulnerable to the most nefarious villains out there.
  • In Victorian Masterminds, players take on the role of Supervillains attempting to hatch an evil scheme. They send their Agents out to the great cities of the world to advance their plots, or mess with the plans of their opponents. Careful planning can result in the spoils of Supervillainy, like collected resources, captured Buildings, or recruited Scientists. These Villains are racing to complete their Infernal Machines, but the Secret Service will be hot on their trail as well.
  • Contents: 12 Scientist Miniatures 20 Building Miniatures 24 Mission Cards 20 Agent Gears Central Board 170 Tokens in 4 Punchboards 6 Dashboards 48 Machine Segment Pieces Rulebook

Sherlock Holmes has been murdered! World-famous monuments are being stolen and legendary scientists and politicians have been kidnapped. You’re not trying to save the world, however. In this steampunk-inspired game of espionage and villainy, you are one of the Supervillains racing to complete your Infernal Machine before the others while wreaking havoc on the world. The Secret Service is constantly on the tail of the villains, so with enemies all around it takes a true mastermind to win this game.