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The Coolest Splatoon Amiibo to Feast Your Eyes On

Refill your ink tanks and set your sites on some of the coolest amiibo out there. The favorite pastime of the Inklings in Splatoon is to battle it out paintball style for turf. In the process they coat the city of Inkopolis in colorful ink splats.

In Splatoon, a squad-like shooter game becomes squid-like. The Inkling Girl and Inkling Boy shape shift into squid in the same color as their inks. As Inkling Squid they can move more quickly through their own ink color but get slowed down in an opponent’s ink, leaving them vulnerable to attack. One splat from the enemy’s ink could be the end of you.

The Inklings seem to be designed with toy appeal in mind, with their bright colors and expressive faces. But they are more than just eye-catching figurines. Adding amiibo to Splatoon adds powers and challenges for the Inklings and unlocks gear. Each Splatoon amiibo reveals several challenges, exclusive gear, and reward coins. Visit Inkopolis Plaza to scan your amiibo and get ready for action. Splatoon Inkling amiibo can also be used as characters in some of the Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, and Super Smash Bros. games.

The animation and brilliant colors helped Splatoon make a splash in the third-person shooter game genre for Nintendo when it first debuted and it’s become one of the highest-selling Wii U games. The technicolor characters have become irresistible as collectibles, even for people who don’t play the game.

Original Splatoon amiibo work with Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch, adding more utility to your figurines. Splatoon 2’s latest update was recently released, so take advantage of all the challenges, gear, and rewards the game has to offer by making sure your Splatoon amiibo collection is up to date, too.

Inkling Girl amiibo (Splatoon Series)

The original Inkling Girl with orange hair and a creamsicle swirled ink spray of orange and white is essential for your collection. Scanning this amiibo opens up challenges that unlock the School Outfit gear, with a Hairclip, Uniform, and Shoes. Her extra powers are high-speed recovery, ink saving, and faster swimming. Amp up your game with this shock of color.


Inkling Boy amiibo

The Inkling Boy amiibo from the first Splatoon wears his tentacles back in a ponytail to keep them out of his way for the fight he’s always ready for. This amiibo unlocks the Samurai Helmet, Jacket, and Shoes when you complete his bonus challenges and has the ability for super-quick jumping and a special power increase. This sleek blue Inkling is a great pop of color for your collection.

Inkling Boy amiibo (Neon Green)

To really liven up your Splatoon collection, check out some of the amiibo imported from Japan. This edition of the Inkling Boy from Splatoon 2 comes in striking green with a new hairstyle and gives your character speedy swimming and faster respawning thanks to the Squinja Mask, Suit, and Shoes he unlocks. Amiibo are not region locked so you can use an imported one on your American gaming system.

New Inkling Girl amiibo (Neon Pink)

The Inkling Girl, updated for Splatoon 2, is rockin’ in pink and ready for action. This fluidly styled figurine almost looks alive. The Inkling Girl is a speedy swimmer and can recover quickly and can unlock the School Outfit gear just like the original Inkling Girl. With the power to unlock loads of fun challenges and earn bonus rewards, this is one amiibo that will rock your game.

Inkling Squid amiibo (Green)

Release the Kraken! This bright green squid adds a splash of color to your figurine collection and also adds fun and challenges to your game. Scanning the Inkling Squid amiibo unlocks Kraken challenges that can help you earn faster respawn, higher resistance to bombs, and ink saving.


New Inkling Squid amiibo (Neon Purple)

Be sure to complete your Splatoon collection with Inkling Squid amiibo in every color. Inkling Squids can unlock a variety of different challenges with rewards such as extra ink resistance and bomb resistance from the Power Mask, Power Armor, and Power Boots. Get a leg — or a tentacle — up on your friends by having this Inkling Squid handy.

Pick Your Favorite Color

This gang of the coolest Inkling amiibo will be a bright spot among your collection so get them now while you still can.

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