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The Cutest Animal Crossing Amiibo for Your Collection

When Animal Crossing debuted nearly 20 years ago, this world of animal inhabitants quickly became popular among fans of simulation games thanks to its adorable characters and open-ended adventures played in real time. There are now several games for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS featuring the Nook family, Celeste and Blathers, and the rest of the gang. A new Animal Crossing game will be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year.

With the addition of amiibo, Animal Crossing became even more interactive and the characters seemed to come alive. The charming figurines are irresistible as collectibles and many sold out quickly during their first run. With amiibo, players have the opportunity to unlock new characters and features, as the characters from one game can be used in another by connecting an amiibo to the console. Most of the Animal Crossing folks show up in some of the Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. games, adding another dimension to game play.

These classic Animal Crossing amiibo are sure to bring a smile to your face. While you wait for the new game to release it’s the perfect time to see who’s missing from your collection. Pick up these little critters now and be ready to play as soon as the new game comes out!


Timmy & Tommy amiibo

These twin brothers from Animal Crossing: New Leaf work together and stick together in Tom Nook’s shop. In later games they’ve taken over the shop, Nookington’s. When they appear together, whichever one is closer to you in the game is the brother who will speak to you while the other follows along. In some games they work on different schedules so you’ll see one or the other depending on the day. They are busy shop managers! Have twice the fun with Timmy and Tommy while shopping for your Animal Crossing essentials.


Celeste amiibo

Reach for the stars with Celeste, Animal Crossing’s resident astronomer. She works in the observatory at the Museum with her brother, Blathers. This sweet little owl may blush and giggle, but she knows her stuff when it comes to the night sky. Be sure to listen to her expertise on your next trip to the Museum, where she’ll help you build and identify constellations. Try not to catch her napping, though! She can be grouchy if woken up.


Kicks amiibo

This laid-back skunk, Kicks, helps keep Animal Crossing outfitted in style. First appearing in City Folk, he runs the shoeshine stand and you can use his services to change your shoe color to customize your character’s look. In New Leaf he is a shoe store owner, keeping players in the hottest, well, kicks. Pick him up now to personalize your outfits and enhance your Animal Crossing shopping experiences.


Mabel amiibo

Mabel is always ready to lend her customers a helping hand at the tailoring shop she owns with her sister, Sable. The sisters outfit Animal Crossing in the latest fashions. Mabel’s charismatic personality puts everyone at ease. Her serene face hides secrets, though, and it takes patience and friendship to break through this porcupine’s prickly exterior to find out what she’s hiding.



Blathers amiibo

Blathers is the big brother of Celeste and is curator of the Museum. This scholarly owl has appeared in all the Animal Crossing games and is alway ready to share his knowledge or accept donations for the Museum’s collections. Like many owls he’s nocturnal, so be careful about when you show up to chat with him. He’s one of the most active characters and collecting this collector can greatly enhance the time you spend in Animal Crossing.


Rover amiibo

This helpful cat welcomes players to the game and assists with set up the first time they play. Like his name implies, he roams through several Animal Crossing games performing a variety of jobs. He likes to travel by train and by bus so may appear on your journeys as well. Look for his helping hand every time you play!



Tom Nook amiibo

Tom Nook is a must-have amiibo for any Animal Crossing game. He runs the shop where players buy just about everything they need and in newer games he branches out into real estate. Tom Nook greets newcomers to town and helps them find a house. And of course directs them to his store to shop for essentials. Watch your wallet, though, because he may be looking out for the best deal for himself, not you. Tom Nook is essential to Animal Crossing and one of the best amiibo to add to your collection in order to add to the fun.


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