These Wearable Electronic Helmets Are Cooler Than Cool

Donning the helmets of your favorite characters from different movies can prove an exciting experience. Modern replica helmets not just replicate the appearance of the helmets you see and appreciate in the movies, but also include light and sound features that give you a detailed experience. Here are some of the coolest wearable electronic helmets you can find on the market:

Avengers Marvel Legends Gear Iron Man Replica Helmet

Part of the Marvel Legends series, this replica helmet allows you to enjoy the high-tech gear that makes Tony Stark Iron Man. Iron Man is the leader of the Avengers for a reason, with a strong sense of right and wrong, and of course, his investment in fast-paced technology. This helmet comes with a number of features that make it a cool gadget to add to your collection. Enjoy the great sounds the helmet produces and the eyes light up, just like Iron Man’s does when he engages the armor.

Marvel Legends Series Star-Lord Electronic Helmet

Place yourself in the shoes of Star-Lord with this exciting electronic helmet. The adjustable design ensures that any person can don the helmet, coupled with great special effects, including eyes that light up. The intricate finishing makes it a perfect replica for the helmet you see in the Marvel movies. Not to forget, the helmet produces some great sound effects.

Star Wars The Black Series Shadow Trooper Electronic Helmet (Amazon Exclusive)

Based on the Star Wars video game, this Shadow Trooper helmet is a must-have if the force is strong with you. The black color along with the detailed design make this helmet a great gadget, produced by Hasbro. You can turn on the mic from inside the helmet to produce different voice effects, while the straps allow you to adjust the fitting.

Star Wars The Black Series Imperial Stormtrooper Electronic Voice Changer Helmet, Collector Item, Ages 8 up (Amazon Exclusive)

Become a real Imperial Stormtrooper by investing in this voice changer helmet. Deriving the design from Rogue One, the appearance of the helmet matches the modern look and feel, making it a great addition to your Star Wars collection.

Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Electronic Helmet

Turn into Black Panther with this great helmet, part of the Marvel Legends series. With great light effects and an adjustable design, this helmet allows you to truly experience what it means to be the King of Wakanda.

Star Wars The Black Series Darth Vader Premium Electronic Helmet

Darth Vader is perhaps the most iconic character from Star Wars. And you can bring your favorite character to life by wearing this electronic helmet, with sound effects derived straight from the movies. Part of the Black Series of Star Wars items, it will prove a wonderful addition to your collection.

Star Wars The Black Series Poe Dameron Electronic X-Wing Pilot Helmet

Poe Dameron is likeable, lovable, and charming, and no wonder many people love the pilot from the new Star Wars movies. You can recreate the feel of battle with the great battle sounds. And you will also hear BB-8 providing operational commands!

Transformers: The Last Knight Optimus Prime Voice Changer Helmet

The Transformers movies may split opinion, but that doesn’t hinder the enduring popularity of Optimus Prime. You can transform into Optimus Prime with this voice changer helmet, featuring sounds and phrases uttered by the lovable character.

If you are looking for cool electronic helmets, well you can pick one from the list above!



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