Divoom Pixel Art Displays to Brighten Up Your Day

Light up your life

Light up your life with Divoom, a Lite Brite for the twenty-first century and perfect for all ages! Divoom combines modern interactive pixel light art with the charm of nostalgic 8-bit graphics. With a few taps of your fingertips, create unique pixel art designs or display one of thousands that are pre-programmed and shared within the pixel art community.

The 8-bit graphics are reminiscent of early Nintendo and Atari artwork, with the square pixel displays. Bring up Mario or a Pac-Man Ghost on your display, or any of your old favorite 8-bit characters. Create 8-bit versions of modern characters, too, or design flashing light patterns. Even add words to scroll across the screen. You are only limited by your imagination.

Modern Tech

Thanks to modern technology, however, these little light boxes do so much more than display your artwork. These pixel art displays are also smart clocks that sync with your phone for call and text alerts, social media alerts, and calendar reminders. Some of them are also Bluetooth speakers that deliver high-quality sound for the music from your phone.

Divoom features fantastic modern design shapes, too, including the Tivoo, a retro-looking television set.  The Pixoo frame is sleek and easy to hang on the wall. The Aurabox and Timebox sit nicely atop small tables and bookshelves. Some of these little gadgets even fit in your pocket.

Programmable From Your Phone

Use the Divoom app to program these LED pixel displays from your phone. The LED editor lets you switch between images and text, and string different programs together to create animations. Manage all your alarms and alerts, too.

Set up several Pixoo display frames around your home for a cool decor theme. Program them to show the time, the weather, and your calendar as a modern-day command center. Place a Timebox Mini in every bedroom, programmed to each family member’s individual sleep needs. Create ambient mood lighting with any of the Divoom displays for a cozy night in. And always have an Aurabox or Tivoo on hand for music and lights on the go, turning any gathering into a party.

Creativity Comes First

Your creativity will light up with one of these Divoom pixel art displays. Unlike the original Lite Brite, you don’t have to worry about losing those little plastic pieces and stepping on one hidden in the carpet.

Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker - Tivoo Retro 16x16 Pixel Art DIY Box. Full RGB Programmable LED by APP Control, Support...

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It looks like a cute retro television set, but it fits in your purse or backpack and blasts amazing sound. Take the Tivoo Bluetooth speaker with you anywhere for high-quality music synced from your phone. It’s a party to go but the retro look is attractive on a table top at home, too. Use the Divoom app to program the graphics and set up alarms and social media alerts. With the Tivoo Bluetooth speaker, turn on the fun and take it with you.

Divoom Pixoo Digital Frame with App controled 16X16 LED Screen (Black)

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Create artwork that lights up with 256 pixels and millions of colors to choose from. Use the Divoom app on your phone to plan your pictures and animations then display them on the Pixoo digital frame. Combine one frame with up to three other Pixoo digital frames (sold separately) for even more dynamic light displays. The slim frame is easy to safely mount on the wall. Upload your designs to the Divoom collection and share your work with other pixel art fans around the world. There are thousands of pieces of shared artwork in their collection already. Join the pixel art movement. Or enjoy your own personal glow.

Divoom Timebox Mini Portable Sleep-aid Smart Alarm Clock with APP programmable Pixel LED Bluetooth Speaker

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The Timebox Mini alarm clock does it all — even puts you to sleep. Featuring a variety of LED pixel art animations and audio tracks, you can program the Timebox Mini with soothing music or white noise at bedtime. Then use it to wake you in the morning with any number of sounds, music, and light displays. It includes FM radio, too. Sync it to your social media for alerts and use it as a daily planner, too. Assign a different piece of artwork for every event reminder in your calendar. The Timebox Mini really is small — about 2 by 2 inches –so it’s portable. Bring it along when you travel. A good night’s sleep is in the bag and you’ll wake up on time and refreshed in the morning.

Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 Smart LED Speaker with APP Control for Pixel Art Creation (Black)

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Experience awesome sound quality and eye-catching light displays with the Aurabox Bluetooth 4.0 smart LED speaker. The Bluetooth speaker connects to your phone and is compatible with your music apps. With the Divoom app you can also program white noise to help you sleep. Create pixel art to display and edit them together in animation. The 10 x 10 pixel display allows you to create some bold designs. Sync the speaker to social media for notifications, too. What’s a party without cool lighting? Listen up, and enjoy the fun mood lights, too.