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Fidget Toys: Not Just For Kids

I was there for the beginning of it all: when fidget spinners first struck the shelves. There were spinning toys and buttons to push and wheels and lights and a million different styles to choose from.  They help you focus. That is weird because it seems like toys that could be so distracting wouldn’t be the best choice.

Fidget toys were great because they gave you something to do with your hands. Doing so helped leave your mind free to focus on other things going on. They could help while you read, or listen to a lecture, or even consider a question.

It was chaos in my store; people were buying fidget toys in bulk for their friends and family. People acted like it was a craze that would fade out, but it didn’t. Instead, as kids got bored with the fad and moved on, adults stepped in. We discovered a whole line of these toys for ourselves.

What They Do

Fidget toys are designed to assist those who were easily distracted and need something to stimulate them. Originally intended for those who were on the autism spectrum, they were quick to expand to all people who might have focusing issues.

They were made to help people focus better on tasks at hand, or keep people calm and able to handle what is going on around them. Toys like spinners or cubes became popular with adults who often have complicated jobs or tasks to focus on. Strange to think that toys definitely can be a staple in the office or at your desk.

My husband wanted a fidget toy for work at his insurance sales job. So of course I bought him one! He said it helped him when he was on a long call. It’s so easy to zone out or be distracted. Having something in hand could ground you.

Here are some of the top toys going around that are meant with adults in mind.

This is a beautiful and complex cube meant to stimulate your mind and occupy your fingers. It is simple, quiet, and manageable without being noticed.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy, Luxury EDC Fidgeting Game for Kids and Adults, Cool Mini Gadget Spinner Best for Stress and Anxiety Relief and Kill Time, Unique Idea That is Light on The Fingers and Hands

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  • ✔ AWESOME HANDHELD FIDGET CUBE TOY GIFT FOR FIDGETERS – Fidget like a boss. Playable with one hand. Prime fidgeting toy for little children, teens and adults. Perfect for girls, boys, women and men.
  • ✔ ANTI-ANXIETY AND STRESS RELIEVER STRESS CUBE – A great way to release stress from school and work. Avoid nail biting, knuckle cracking, leg shaking and other fidgeting habits with the use of this gadget.
  • ✔ ADDICTIVE AND FUN FIDGET STIMMING TOY FOR KIDS AND ADULTS– Have fun for hours while practicing and improving finger flexibility. Keep your hands and minds busy during class or work. Lessen phone and other technology induced stress.
  • ✔ WORK AND SCHOOL GADGET - It also improves your focus while studying, working or brainstorming by a simple flip and fold. It's a relaxing, noiseless, and compact tactile sensory never ending cube.
  • ✔ MINI FIDGET MATERIALS – Composed with eight (8) tough ABS plastic blocks linked together with strong stainless steel metal rivets. Durable and can withstand constant flipping and folding.

Have you ever played with a length of bike chain as a kid? I know I did, to my parents annoyance. This is the perfect small trinket to play with in your pocket.

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Perfect for ADHD, Anxiety, and Autism - Bike Chain Fidget Stress Reducer for Adults and Kids - Green

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  • LOWER YOUR STRESS AND ANXIETY: The flippy chain fidget has helped people to quit smoking, lower stress levels, succeed in school, stop biting nails & picking at scabs, relieve social tension at parties or gatherings... even improve relationships. The list goes on (Just scroll through the hundreds of reviews if you don’t believe us).
  • SILENT YET SATISFYING: Perfect for hours and hours of non-distracting and silent fidgeting. The flippy chain doesn't dIstract or draw attention (unlike its cousin, the fidget spinner) and Is perfect for using In classrooms, offices, meetings, airplanes etc…
  • 100% SATISFACTION: If you don't absolutely LOVE the flippy chain fidget, hit us up for a full refund. We're only happy if you're happy.
  • BULLETPROOF DESIGN: The stainless steel split rings and chain links will never corrode or break, and the silicone O-rings provide additional texture and grip and will never fade In color

A spinner with multiple functions, this one provides endless fun and can occupy you for hours. It’s a but too noisy and noticeable for work but great for watching a movie or conversation at a cafe.

Anti-Anxiety Fidget Spinner, Fidget Hand Toys Focus Finger Spinning Toy for Kid and Adult Relieving Stress Boredom ADHD Autism

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  • ★ NEWEST STYLE - The most unique fidget toy ever, based on the theory of the double pendulum and random motion (Chaos Theory). It means the movements are unique and follow different paths each time you spin.
  • ★ VERY FUN - The ways of fidgeting with this fidget spinner are endless. You can flick it, let it drop and spin, balance horizontal while small movements make large unpredictable results, generate endless spins by perpetual motion, spin 1 or both arms and many more.
  • ★ DURABLE - Full stainless steel construction, machined grips and arms, not easy to break when falling off; 2 hybrid ceramic precision bearings are used in the design of the Pendulum. This gives ultra-smooth spins and friction less rotation.
  • ★ KILLER OF STRESS -- Great for releasing anxiety, relaxing, staying awake, ADHD, ADD, autism and other attention disorder issues. Helps you calm down while stressful, kill you time while you are boring.
  • ★Perfect Gift Choice --Suitable for Adults and kids over 10 years old and the beautiful high-quality retail packaging included makes our fidget spinner the ideal present for any family member or for your friends.

These toys will look great on your desk and add a little pizzazz to the office. A few different ways to play with them, these are obviously meant to amuse and keep you occupied without grabbing attention.

TANGLE Set of 3 Jr. Original Fidget Toy

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  • GET CREATIVE: Tangles are the perfect way to express your creative side in a whole new light. Attach them however and mold them into whatever you'd like.
  • KEEP BUSY: If you or your child can't stand sitting with idle hands, this is the perfect solution for waiting rooms and car rides alike. Super fun and super portable.
  • CRAZY COLORS: This pack comes with three different color schemes of Tangle Jr. All of which are bright and fun. Mix them together to make them even more exciting.
  • PUT DOWN THE ELECTRONICS: If you're trying to get your child away from a tablet or phone, this is a great non distruptive solution to your gadget problem.
  • QUALITY MADE: Tangles are meant to be taken apart, put back together, and used over and over so they've been made to the highest standards so you can get use after use out of them.

This is the mother-lode of fidget toys offering you 12 separate sides to make sure your neurons are always firing and your fingers are always active.

Minilopa Fidget Dodecagon –12 Side Fidget Toy Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety Anti Depression Cube for Children and Adults with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (E2 Small White)

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  • Fidget Dodecagon 12 Sides fidget cube to keeps minds and fingers occupied, help reduce stress and anxiety, preventing the mind from wandering off, allowing one to better focus.
  • 12 sided fidget cube has 12 sides guaranteed to keep your hand busy. It’s made with high-quality ABS plastic which has smooth surface, give you smooth click roll, perfect for clickers, flickers, rollers and spinners.
  • 12 Sides Includes Gears, Buttons, Joystick, Switch, Soothes, and Stress Balls, Disk, Silicone balls, Joystick ect. Release your body and mood and help you focus on your work or study.
  • Pocket Sized, Durable, Light Weight, Discrete, and Portable. The fidget cube is suitable for both kids and adults, great toy for Fidgeters, Anxiety, Focusing, ADD and ADHD, OCD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits, Staying Awake
  • Nice case package. The figit cube comes with an protective case . The extremely portable and pocket size which is easy to carry, play anytime, anywhere. Perfect device for school, work, meetings, church, libraries and more

This is a great option to bring to work and share with co-workers, or to make sure you have a fidget toy every place you like to spend time. There are different types to explore as well, so you can figure out what works best for you.

24 Pack Sensory Toys Set, Fidget Toys Pack Stress Relief Hand Toys for Adults Kids ADHD ADD Anxiety Autism - Perfect for Birthday Pinata Fillers, Classroom Treasure Box Prizes and Carnival Games

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  • PACK OF 26: 1 bike chain fidget, 2 track fidget toys, 2 snake cube twist puzzles, 3 mochi squishies, 1 soccer fidget, 1 football foam ball, 1 baseball foam ball, 1 basketball foam ball, 2 speed cubes 3*3*3, 2 finger massage rings, 2 fidget spinners, 3 spiky balls, 1 bean squeeze toy, 1 fluffy slime, 1 3d puzzle cube box and 2 unicorn stretchy string toys.
  • CHILD SAFE: Non-Toxic. Meets US Toy Standards. Safety Test Approved. Durable. Superior Quality. Deluxe Set.
  • POPULAR USES: For Christmas or birthday party favors, classroom projects, novelty gifts and presents, home or school activities. Great design for anxiety, focusing, ADHD, ADD, autism, quitting bad habits, etc. Helps relieve stress.
  • RELAXATION THERAPY: Our fidget toys are the perfect way to relieve stress - a small toy to hold in the palm of your hand. It's a fun way to keep the brain focused and the hands busy.
  • Super Value Pack for Christmas Party Favors: Perfect for Christmas Scene and Decoration, Christmas Parties Prizes, Christmas Giveaways, Christmas Goodies/Goody Toy Gifts, Miniature Christmas, Miniature Novelty Toys, Christmas Goody Bag Fillers, Christmas Treats for Kids, Christmas Piñata Filler and Christmas Novelty Toys.

This is a different kind of toy. It does more than other types of spinners, and does it better. It has a unique design so won’t feel like you’ve copied someone else. It will entertain people of all ages.

For what it costs, this one is certainly worth a try! Although the quality and entertainment value won’t be what you could get from some of the options in our list.