Your Favorite Childhood Games Like Jenga and Connect 4 Are Now GIANT-Sized Playsets

Last update was on: March 26, 2019 6:38 am

Well, sometimes bigger is better! We’re just as surprised as anybody else is to discover that this category is a thing. But there’s this whole group of giant-sized versions of popular games.

So you’d probably ask: Why would someone do this? For one thing, throwing a giant element into games for two or more players gets you more active. You don’t just sit at the kitchen table with these, some of them you have to lug pieces around. It adds an element of surrealist absurdity to the whole thing.

Even though we say “for adults,” these are actually just fine for any kid big enough to handle the large pieces. They’re all long-standing popular games. That just makes it more fun, it gets the whole family watching. You can take giant games to the park or backyard and show off a bit.

Another angle we see sometimes is workplaces are beginning to incorporate games into their company culture. This is done for employee team-building exercises, employee appreciation events, office parties, or even just to have a bit of recreational value. Companies are starting to pick up a bit of wisdom from the Silicon Valley start-up culture, where it’s been shown that creative people in white-collar jobs perform better if they have a couple toys around.

So while all of these classic games just fit into the general family category, they have a bit more presence than the normal-sized models. Dive right in, because we’ll include a few interesting angles on these you might not have thought of at first.

Jenga Giant JS7 Hardwood Game (Stacks to 5+ feet. Ages 12+)

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  • The biggest authentic hardwood Jenga game ever sold! Starts at 2 feet high at setup and can stack to over 5 feet high in play!
  • Includes Jenga SPORTS Tournament Charts for competitive play. Now it's a SPORT! Fun to Play! Exciting to Watch!
  • Includes Heavy Duty Jenga GIANT Carry Bag for easy storage and transport.
  • 54 precision-crafted polished hardwood 7.13" x 2.38" x 1.38" blocks, each one nearly 15 times the volume of a Classic Jenga block.
  • For 1 or more players, ages 12 to adult.

Jenga is a game that needs no introduction on the Internet. Its enduring popularity has kept it in circulation as a game with fun visual and action elements. It doesn’t hurt matters that there’s a continuing onslaught of videos showing the family cat or dog getting involved. Jenga is a unique game adopted from folk games going back to the 1970s, and indeed there’s even variations of block-stacking games going back to the Renaissance. It’s a game that challenges your manual dexterity almost exclusively. Super-size it, and play it in the yard, on the beach, or around the office.

Yard Games Giant 4 Connect in a Row

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  • Durable giant wooden board 31" x 23" made with premium wood and finished with natural stain
  • Beautifully finished legs, frame and bottom bar make for a perfect addition to any gathering
  • 42 solid plastic coins, 21 red and 21 blue measuring 3.5" diameter for perfect game play and sliding action
  • Giant game is easy to set up indoors our outside and easily transportable
  • Heavy duty nylon carrying case zips up and has easy to use handles and pockets to fit all of your game pieces

A huge version of the popular vertical checkers game from Milton Bradley! This is big enough to play standing up, with a durable wooden frame in natural stained wood. Be sure to check out the rule variations, there’s actually several different ways to play! A mental strategy challenge with a big board that makes it ideal for fun team play.

Cardinal Giant Uno Giant Game

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  • High quality giant cards measure 10.1 by 7.4 inches
  • Four Suits of 25 cards each, plus eight wild cards
  • Giant cards for huge fun!!
  • For 2-10 players
  • Cardinal offers a wide range of quality family-friendly games, innovative puzzles and contemporary and evergreen licensed products for game and puzzle lovers of all-ages.

Uno in another game that we shouldn’t have to explain to today’s Internet audience. It’s had enduring popularity on the Internet, with the cards becoming part of many cultural memes thanks to its familiarity from every grade school toy shelf. These cards are 10.1 by 7.4 inches, being big enough that they dwarf your hands and are ideal for a “game show” type setting where teams could play while keeping the game visible to the audience. By the way, lots of people struggle with the strategy in this game, but if you study the rules and plan your plays well, it’s actually easy to win a game quickly.

BucketBall - Beach Edition Starter Pack - Ultimate Beach, Pool, Yard, Camping, Tailgate, BBQ, Lawn, Water, Indoor, Outdoor Game – Best Gift Toy for Adults, Boys, Girls, Teens, Family

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  • TENS OF THOUSANDS SOLD!!! BucketBall is the ultimate beach, pool, poolside, backyard, camping, tailgating and outdoor game family and friends love playing.
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED? Our Beach Edition Starter Pack Includes 12 Ultra-Durable Buckets (6 Blue & 6 Orange), 2 Hybrid Balls, Tote Bag & Instructions - Includes Lifetime Warranty - Patent Pending
  • PORTABLE! LIGHTWEIGHT! CONVENIENT! BucketBall is portable, lightweight and convenient to take anywhere on the go. BucketBall weighs less than 7 pounds. When BucketBall is setup for game play, it is just as large as cornhole. However, when BucketBall is packaged inside it's tote bag, it takes up less than a cubic foot of space.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESSORIES! BucketBall has accessories that allow you to choose the type of game play experience you desire. Our inflatable racks (not included) allow you to play BucketBall without the need for water, sand or some weighted object. The inflatable racks provide the best game playing experience both on land and on water. We offer 3 different game balls: Hybrid Balls, Bucket Pong Balls (not included), and Tailgate Balls(not included).
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! Our hassle-free lifetime warranty will replace any damaged part forever!

Bucket Ball – This isn’t so much an established game as a set of pieces you can use for a variety of games. You’ll recognize one possible variant, as this is a nice set-up for a giant game of Beer Pong. But with simple colored buckets and balls, all kinds of competitive team games can be made up on the spot. Great for the beach, pool, backyard, barbecue picnic, or tailgate party.

MegaChess Giant Premium Chess Pieces Complete Set with 25 Inch Tall King - Black and White

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  • (16) Black Chess Pieces; (16) White Chess Pieces; 25 inch King - Most popular size of all
  • Great mix of size, weight and cost; Light enough for even the youngest of players
  • Made of high-density plastic; Waterproof; UV protected; Resists staining and fading
  • Perfect for playing at the park, beach, campground or anywhere friends or family gather
  • Giant Chess Board and Mat are sold separately

Nothing says “high class aristocrat living” like a giant chess set. Live like a princess or a plotting James Bond villain with an over-sized chess set. The pieces are lightweight enough for kids to pick up (or us grownups to move without back strain), big enough to overlook from a balcony, and handsome enough that they’ll look great in your lobby. There’s a separate board or mat sold separately, but courtyards with giant chess boards already exist out there, and it might be more fun to design a board of your own on the patio deck.

Garden Games GIANT Ball Drop

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  • Based on the design of a castle turret, this exciting game is a modern twist on the classic game of 'Kerplunk'
  • Brightly colored and funky it will look great anywhere. Designed so it folds back into itself for easy storage so it can be stored in its original box.
  • Soft, safe, hollow balls are suspended in the air supported by the giant brightly colored red, yellow and green straws.
  • Take turns to remove the straws, one by one, without making any of the soft hollow balls drop inside the castle tower.
  • The winner is one with the least dropped balls at the end of the game! Challenging and fun for all ages. Giant Ball Drop is exciting in home, at parties or any social event. S-t-e-a-d-y .....

“Giant Ball Drop” is actually based on the classic game Kerplunk, where you have a castle turret, sticks placed in the middle to suspend balls inside the tower. Strategically remove straws while avoiding spilling the balls. It’s a similar game of dexterity to Jenga, but supersizing it makes it great for beach and backyard play.