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The Best Ray Ban Sunglasses For This Summer

Ray Bans are not the type of sunglasses you buy for a weekend excursion. You buy Ray Bans because they’ll last for years, maybe decades. Through their 80 year history Ray Ban has remained the leading choice of the classy individual. Look stylish all the time by getting a pair of sunglasses from this iconic brand.

Is buying genuine pair of Ray Bans worth it?

Some more frugal shoppers might scoff at the price. But if some Wayfarer sunglasses will last you more than a decade, then suddenly the price makes a lot more sense. Plus all the products in our list are provided with free shipping, free returns, and from a Ray Ban certified seller.

Ray-Ban, the worlds most beloved eyewear company, continues their legacy by producing classic styles with modern innovations. From the iconic Wayfarer to the original aviator, Ray-Ban eyewear have all the looks for any occasion. From casual to elegant, Ray-Ban surpasses all its competitors in form and function.

The difference between Ray Ban and cheap Wal-Mart sunglasses is night and day. They are more durable, more flexible, have a more comfortable bridge, are typically lighter in weight, and have less distortion than other imitation lenses.

New Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses for your favorite Ray-Ban Frames

What are polarized lenses? 

Put simply – polarized lenses greatly reduce glare from all surfaces including water, snow, and sand. These lenses basically only allow light to pass through in one direction, dramatically reducing any distortion of your vision on a sunny or overcast day.


One the main reasons for purchasing Ray Ban sunglasses is the high quality lenses. Here’s a short video of the 5 different types. Many customers will also claim they can drop the glasses on payment multiple times over and the lenses will not be scratched.

Keeping up with the latest trends while maintaining the classic standard of quality, is Ray-Ban’s specialty. From their debut in the 1930’s, Ray-Ban combined form with function in an unprecedented way. Laying the groundwork for the entire eyewear industry, all have copied Ray-Ban and none have surpassed.

Will you just lose or break them?

These are the sunglasses you will have for a decade. The fear of losing them is one of the main reasons people choose not to purchase high quality sunglasses. The reality is, if you’re buying low quality $5 convenience store sunglasses you’ll be more prone to losing them because you don’t care about them. You will care about these, and you will be rewarded for it. This is a great product.

Consider your cell phone. It probably cost you much more than what you’ll pay for any pair of sunglasses anywhere. How many times have you permanently lost it? Probably not at all. If you know the product is high quality and you paid a commensurate price, then you’re much less likely to lose it! I’ve had the same pair of sunglasses that I love for 11 years now. It can happen, and often does.

Should you buy a knock-off instead?

As someone who spent a fair amount of time in Asia and encountered quite a lot of knock-off luxury items, the obvious answer is no. Buy the real thing. I once purchased a knock-off pair of sunglasses in South Korea that looked fine, but turned the sides of my head green. Plus I had a weird allergic reaction behind my ears. Beyond that, knock-off glasses won’t have the same type of lens quality as genuine Ray Bans. These won’t scratch and won’t fog up easily.