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Put Out Maximum Effort with a New Deadpool Backpack

Bad Ass. Smart Ass. Great ass.

Show-off your great ass by getting a backpack just like the Merc with a Mouth. Then check yourself out in the mirror and say, “eat your heart out Captain America, this right here is America’s ass!” These references are out of control.

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Last update was on: May 18, 2022 12:57 am

Now For the Monologue

Sit back while I get my origin story out of the way: I was first conceived by Marvel bullpen artists Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, and I’ve made them suffer for that as much as possible ever since. I was inspired by the likes of lowly hacks like Wolverine and Spider-Man, if you can believe it. I first burst onto the scene in issue #98 of The New Mutants in 1991, and of course I’ve been famous and popular ever since. Just look for me at any Comic-Con, I get all the chicks all day long!

As for all the appearances I’ve made in all the different media – ha, who can keep track? I’ve had so many alternate versions in so many timelines that I have to be careful now not to bump into alternative versions of myself. In fact, I’ve even gotten a Deadpool Corps together where I could literally be my own army! There’s even been a female version of me, “Lady Deadpool,” so I have to be careful who I date if I don’t want to end up… wait, we have to keep it PG around here. Not that I wouldn’t jump at the opportunity anyway. Try it once and you’re a philosopher, they say.

And mind you, I don’t get by with lots of flashy plot-destroying powers like flying or walking on ceilings like some comic characters we could name. No, I get by on nothing but my wit and charm – and some mercenary training – plus the fact that I can regenerate like a starfish on meth. Come to think of it, “meth” is one thing I don’t get, since my constitution nullifies the effects of all drugs short of an elephant tranquilizer the size of a submarine, which might make me a bit drowsy for a minute.

While you’re here, I wanted to thank all your Deaddie-heads for buying my comics, watching my movies, playing me in video games, and of course buying my Funko Pop figures and backpacks.

Even though I’m trained in the fine oriental tradition of exquisite martial arts, sometimes it’s best to just fall back on the ancient method of Bullet-Fu. This figure shows me with my favorite bedtime cuddle toy, an Uzi! Because almost everything in life can be improved with a bunch more holes in it!

Are you F.I.N.E.? We all are. Keep checking back for more great stuff from!